Be your own bank


What is Condensat?

Condensat technologies is a software company, funded in 2020 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Julien Guitton is its CEO.

What does Condensat do?

Condensat technologies writes a core banking software allowing anybody to be a bank.

A bank? how can anybody be a bank?

Condensat software is an accounting and payments software based on Bitcoin, Liquid and Lightning network technologies and pluggable to traditional payment networks. When you install this software, you have a server where people can open accounts, deposit and withdraw their Bitcoins and liquid tokens. Fiat currencies are supported.

That’s all? i run the software and i’m a bank?

NO, in our regulated world, in order to be a bank, you need a banking licence.

BUT, you can be your own bank, for you, your family or your company. Remember that it’s an accounting and payments software and banks are just about that. You won’t be able to connect to payment networks without a banking licence to register to such networks.

So, Condensat works with banks?

We guide banks and any custodian financial institutions through the maze of building the right compliance to work with cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. We give banks tools to make

We want traditional banks to be able to use cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. We want neobanks and cryptobanks to access traditional payment networks. The important thing is: We want to reduce banking costs