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Asset manager

New ways to finance the economy.

New high liquidity markets.

New finance instruments.

Wealth manager

Comfort of 100% compliance.

Cryptoassets exposure.



New crypto markets to conquer

Roles and responsibilities identification.

New business models to design.

Legal team

Get the expertise that gives insights on legislation

Understand new legal and regulation frameworks

Acquire new wanted skills

IT team

The best cryptography standards on hardware and software cryptographic material cold storage.

Everything's opensource.

Finance officer

New ways to do accounting.

Verification and audit automation with mathematical formal proofs.

Fraud proof systems.

Rampup schema

What is


Rampup is a solution for your crypto asset management. It contains skilling, workshops, ceremonies and open source software. With Rampup, you're in control of cryptoasset technologies and use them with knowledge and dexterity.


Julien Guitton
Julien Guitton CEO

Lionel Jeannerat
Lionel Jeannerat co-founder

Alexis Roussel
Alexis Roussel co-founder

Alexis Gaubert
Alexis Gaubert Cryptographer

Michel Foucault Senior Developer/Operations

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